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Inspired by the drumming talents, techniques and flavours of Ian Paice, Simon Phillips, Keith Moon and many more, Reubes is passionately flying the flag high for the next generation of rock and roll. Making a living as a professional session musician, tutor and studio engineer, he has worked alongside the likes of Slade, FM, Praying Mantis, Nadine Coyle and Judge Jules while performing with a number of the UK's top live acts (Pure Floyd, The Brink, Light Skies Darken, Mister Pink etc). In addition to touring theatres/ festivals and concert halls as a drummer/ percussionist, Reubes is also a keen song writer and multi instrumentalist (recently having released a number of solo singles). Desperate to keep music live and determined to perform to as many people as possible, Reubes is excited to see what tomorrow brings!


Proud endorsee of Pellwood Drum Sticks
Natal Originals (Maple) Silver Sparkle - Double Kick Kit
Pearl Masters Lava Bubinga - Single Kick Kit
Pearl Sensitone Snare
Pearl Free Floating Snare
Mapex Obsidian Snare
Mapex Piccolo Snare
Mapex Fastback Snare
Paiste Cymbals
Evans Heads
Shure IEM's
AKG/ Shure Mics
Roland TD 20 & Superior Drummer 3


2016 - Dog Fight - Back of the line (Album)
2017 - Dog Fight - Hurricane (EP)
2017 - Pacifica - Dreamscape (EP)
2018 - Light Skies Darken - Stare into the Sun (EP)
2019 - Light Skies Darken - Addiction (Single)
2020 - Light Skies Darken - 7-11 (Single)
2020 - Reubes - Puppet Tears (Single)
2020 - Reubes - Living In Sin (Single)
2020 - The Brink - Can't come around (Single)


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