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Solo Project

Fusing the melodic and keyboard heavy flavours of the 80s (Tears for fears & Howard Jones) with hard/ progressive rock (Toto, Winger, Purple), Reubes has a signature sound that tips the hat to the legends of yesteryear while forging the foundations for a new and exciting era.


Launching his solo project in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Reubes released his debut solo single 'Puppet Tears' in 2020 as a tribute to his fellow colleagues and artists across the globe. Interviewed on ITV television and in several newspapers, the song encouraged him to continue with his solo efforts and to push his studio (The Porridge Pot) forward in a very challenging time for everyone. 

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Several years on, Reubes has released 2 singles to date (and various cover/ collaboration tracks), has an album in the works and is looking at performing some of his original work live.

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