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Nestled in gorgeous Norfolk, The Porridge Pot studio is a one stop, creative shop where passionate performers can produce music, videos and promotional material. Strongly believing each artist should have the freedom and ease to budget for each release as a whole (rather than battling hidden/ hourly costs), Reubes offers a variety of 'production packages' and passionately approaches each masterpiece from both a sonic and performing perspective. Whether you are a solo singer, a rock band, an author or artist, the studio welcomes you warmly and look forward to hearing about your project.


Touch and go - Cozy Powell/ ELP Tribute (Lord Mike & Reubes)

Touch and go - Cozy Powell/ ELP Tribute (Lord Mike & Reubes)

A tribute to the memory and lasting legacy of one of the world's greatest drummer's, Cozy Powell, who sadly lost his life on this day in 1998. Not to be forgotten are the remaining two thirds of this incredible line up (the virtuosic Keith Emerson and timeless Greg Lake). This production was put together at The Porridge Pot recording/ visual studio in Methwold, Norfolk which is available to hire at very competitive rates. Special production offers (covering all recording/ mixing/ mastering time): Single - £150 4 Track EP - £400 8 Track Album - £750 Please check out out website for more info and get in touch to say hello! Website: Email contact: About the cover: At an early age, my parent's introduced me to the classic rock gods (Deep Purple, The Who, Rainbow, Zeppelin etc) alongside seminal works from the progressive titan's of that era including those from Pink Floyd, Genesis and of course, Emerson, Lake & Powell/ Palmer! Having heard this particular track in my infancy and returning to it once my fondness for Cozy Powell's drumming had matured, it really resonated with me as a powerful number that made for a fitting legacy piece that should be shared with future generation's. Dad and I were feeling the frustrations of being kept from performing with our various band's (The Pure Floyd Show, Light Skies Darken etc) and so decided to work on our first ever collaboration video and considering our shared passion for all things ELP and dad's Keith Emerson inspirations/ roots, it made sense to pick this brilliant track that shines brightly within the trio's impressive catalogue. We had so much fun working on this project and hope that it will raise a few spirits and smiles while we wait for live music and normality to return. The choice of this track also carries a double meaning: as we are based so closely to RAF Lakenheath (which plays an important role in our lives) it felt fitting to choose a song that features flying terminology in the title! Stay safe and keep music alive! Reubes + Mike
We All Die Young - Steel Dragon Vocal Cover

We All Die Young - Steel Dragon Vocal Cover

The movie Rockstar is where it all started for me (alongside a promotional DVD for Don't let the bells end' by The Darkness and a tape of Roger Waters The Wall live in Berlin). Ironically (for fans of the movie) I studied every move, look, saying, song, outfit, style portrayed in this rock n roll classic and now, 21 years on, am covering one of the most important songs of my life. I am a drummer/ sound engineer/ teacher by trade but I thought I'd push myself out of my comfort zone to attempt something vocally that I would never normally touch. Only 3 years ago I was terrified at the thought of singing in front of anyone, let alone recording and sharing a vocal performance, but as the song says 'We all die young' and it's important to do these things while we are able. I know I certainly can't sing this legendary piece like the unworldly Miljenko Matijević but I've given it all I've got. I would just like to add that, I wish not to cause any offence with the song title at this very delicate time for everyone (some of my family are currently suffering with symptoms). The lyrics of the song relate to pursing your dreams as we are only here for a short time and even in the last few months I have sadly heard of to many who have been taken to young (if there ever is a right age). While the lyrics aren't directly referencing the pandemic, I strongly and passionately believe that love, family and friends (and the dreams we have) are all that's important on this Earth and we should treasure them while we have the chance.
Reubes - Puppet Tears (Official Music Video)

Reubes - Puppet Tears (Official Music Video)

Written, performed and recorded by Reubes at The Porridge Pot recording studio, Norfolk. Puppet Tears is available to stream/ purchase on all major platforms/ stores: Stream/ Stream/ Download 'Puppet Tears' - Single Press Release: Puppet Tears is the debut single from East Anglian solo artist ‘Reubes’ (drummer with Light Skies Darken and The Pure Floyd Show). A tribute to the hardship suffered by fellow musicians in such difficult times, the song reflects the financial and mental health struggles of being kept from the stage and its audience. This first musical offering has strong 80s rock/ pop influence with a Howard Jones vocal/ keyboard sound seasoned by Joe Satriani style guitar work. The track will be released across all major online platforms on September 15th. Reubes Artist Bio: Reubes is a professional session musician, solo artist and sound engineer from Methwold Norfolk who is a member of several leading live acts (The Pure Floyd Show, Light Skies Darken, Mister Pink). He has collaborated with members of Kasabian, The Tornados and Embrace in addition to opening stages for Nadine Coyle, Judge Jules and Praying Mantis. In recent years he has been a guest on both ITV and BBC 1 news, had airplay on Hard Rock Hell, BBC Introducing and Team Rock radio and appeared on the front cover of the Grapevine magazine. In addition to running his recording studio ‘The Porridge Pot’ and performing with his various bands, Reubes is also an upcoming solo artist with strong inspiration from the likes of Richie Kotzen, Steve Lukather and Joe Satriani. His debut release ‘Puppet Tears’ is out on September 15 th 2020 and is a tribute to the hardship and struggle faced by many professional musicians during the current health crisis. Official Links: Official Reubes Website: Reubes Facebook: Reubes Instagram: Reubes YouTube: The Porridge Pot Studio Website:

Latest  Content

Single Release
(Including 1 free revision)


Bronze: £150
Record a single song in the studio and have it professionally mixed and mastered.

1 Free Revision

1 Free Revision

1 Free Revision

1 Free Revision

Silver: £250
Record a single song and accompanying music video in the studio.

Gold: £300
Record a single song and accompanying music video in the studio and take 10
promotional photos (5 Landscape + 5 Portrait).

EP  Release
(Including 1 free revision)

Bronze: £500
Record a 4 track EP in the studio and have it professionally mixed and mastered.

Silver: £600
Record a 4 track EP and 1 accompanying music video in the studio and have them professionally edited.

Gold: £650
Record a 4 track EP, accompanying music video and take 10 promo photos in the studio.


Album Release
(Including 1 free revision)


Bronze: £1000
Record an 8 track album in the studio and have it professionally mixed and mastered.

Silver: £1100
Record an 8 track album and 1 accompanying music video in the studio.

Gold: £1250
Record an 8 track album, accompanying music video and have an album cover designed featuring a photo of the artist.

Karaoke Deals

Bronze: £30
Sing along to your favourite song (in whatever key is comfortable), the perfect birthday gift for a talented loved one. This usually takes 45-60 minutes.

Silver: £100
Sing along to 4 of your favourite songs, approximately taking 3- 4 hours.  

Gold: £200
Sing along to 10 of your favourite songs, approximately taking 8 hours.


Photography / Video


Promo Photos: £100
A collection of 5 portrait and 5 landscape promo photographs taken against a background of your choice (using green screen technology or at a local destination of your choice).

Photos + Poster Design: £200
A collection of landscape and portrait photos in addition to a portrait poster to advertise your upcoming events (A3, A4 and A5 versions included).

Social Media/ Online Bundle £300
A collection of promo photos ready for online use in addition to social media specific photos (Facebook/ Instagram Profile + Cover photos and Spotify/ YouTube banner).

Music Video £200
A bespoke music video filmed using green screen technology or at a location of your choice.

Release Launch Special £500
Once your is audio is finished, record a music video in the studio, have professional promo photos taken and special artwork/ posters produced for your social media. A 3 page website is created using your new artwork and images.

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